The next 2 pages on this site is a collection of all of us, our families, those moments from a  time we all loved as we remember growing up in La Puente. If you have that family picture from the 1940's to the 1970's - please send us your favorite photo with details, we would love to post it. Pictures are added on here frequently. Provide the year, street, occasion and Family name (optional) Hope you Enjoy.  

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Vaughn and Becky Gossman, Mulvane Street, La Puente - 1975

The Rosenberg's on 929 Lidford Avenue, La Puente, 1959

 This is the SW corner of Amar Rd. and Lidford Ave. Our address was 929 Lidford. These are my brothers Haskell and Eric Rosenberg. Ellen is on the right, playing with the catchers gear. Circa 1959-60.

Silas Larimer and wife Meche at home on Conlon Avenue, La Puente - 1959

The Berg family, Amar Road, La Puente, 1976

(L-R) Bonnie Goossen, Gloria Olmos, and Diana Burgos, Barrydale Street, 1967

Backton Street, La Puente, 1963

The Villa Family, Glendora Avenue, La Puente 1967

Natalia Villa, My Brothers Armando And Robert Villa Aka Beto. and Norma. Easter On Glendora There still there That picture was taken.in 1967.In old La Puente

Mom's and their children on Lassalette in La Puente, 1960

(L-R) Mrs. Nobili, son Anthony, Esther Ruiz with Lorraine Ruiz and Rosemary Ruiz Fernandez, Irma and Sonny Aragon - on Lassalette Street.

Baptism, 1956. Taken on the south side of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, La Puente.

Submitted by Lillian Rozar

The Olmos Family, Barrydale Street, March, 1967

Jarvie and Gloria, Jay and the little girl is Jaylene - I just can't remember the little boys' names.

The Olmos Family, Barrydale Street, March, 1967

Richard & Rosemary Horne Family, Barrydale Street, 1972

Top L-R - Ricky, Richard, Karen
Bottom L-R Pamela, Rosemary and Natalie